space opera
Red planet - is a multilayer fantasy about outer space and inner world.
Two people asking the same questions during the whole journey:
What outer space is? And why to conquer it?
Choreography/direction: Valeria Khripatch & Anna Korzik
Sound design: (Oree) Vladislav Popchenya
Visual artist: Alexandra Kononchenko Antonio Pippolo (@toniandtheradio)
Scenography: Igs Shelkunenko & Alexandra Sikorskaya
Light design: George Zaborski
Costumes: Anna Korzik
Idea & management: Valeria Khripatch
The idea of a space duet arose in the fall of 2019. We discussed lots of topics related to space, researched, tried out new techniques. During rehearsals, we created an overall composition out of all the meanings brainstormed. The pandemic caught us off guard. And the period of self-isolation certainly shifted emphasis and helped to answer many questions. After all, a space flight is primarily about loneliness and isolation. 'The red planet' is not only about space, but also about the inner world of a human, about finding balance, about interaction, about emptiness and loneliness, about atoms and particles - about the Universe in us.
Red Planet on the water (trailer)
Festival Sprava, 2020
A fact
The first time the cosmo opera 'Red Planet' was shown under unexpected circumstances and with a minimum of spectators. Therefore, we compare our project with a legend (a myth): many have heard about the Red Planet, but few have seen it. This is how 2020 feels like.
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Thank you very much for the photo and video material:
Sasha Kononchenko, Julia Voronovskaya (Grushen_ka), Olya Rabetskaya, Jenya Ermolovich, Sasha Khizov, Nina Lipskaya, Anya Sachivko, Kate Shumak, Sasha Karpovich, George Zaborski
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