Work in progress
Minsk is a city of memories
Idea: Valeria Khripatch, George Zaborski
Series of short film / video dance.
The project is a peculiar Minsk guide.
Childhood and old wooden house. Story of Natalie Shyshko.
VDNH expo center. It was built at 1968. Demolition started at 11 of April 2017.VDNH expo center. Without glass in windows it looks like a blind naked man. But it's still beautiful. Mine & Gosha story.
Residency in Italian village. Mountains. 2019
What is FÒCARE?

Fòcare is a residency program for artists interested in relational art in rural contexts.
Originally born in order to keep alive the ancient ritual of Fòcare, it is now a spot for art research in the field of common practice and collective collaboration.

Fòcare, in the local idioma, are big bonfires lit in public spaces, usually at the crossroads, and bear witness to what remains of ancient pagan rites of abundance and propitiation.

Usually lit on the occasion of the solstices, they were later incorporated in Christian liturgical celebrations, which is why signs of such practices are found in the day of the celebrations of St. John and the Christmas night.
Despite the gradual depopulation and hence the abandonment of the territory, Fòcare remains a collective ritual that continues to survive thanks to the free cooperation of the local population.

The aim of the project is to research, document and reinterpret rites and traditions of popular culture by the actual recovery of the ritual practice, its preservation and its development in a contemporary environment.

The project works with a wide network of associations and institutions including Re-Collocal, the Ugo Marano Museum of Morigerati, Officina dell'arte and operates under the sponsorship of the Towns of Laurino and Piaggine (understandings, patterns of behaviour, practices, values, and symbol systems that are acquired, preserved, and transmitted by a group of people and that can be embodied in art works.)
Photo: Alexandra Kononchenko

Poetics as a summary of a residence in mountains.

December 22. Storm. A small village in the mountains in southern Italy. Every day there is a movie, but not a full-lenght one, most likely an Italian soap opera and, for sure, with the elements of contemporary art. Half-Sorrentino, half-Almodovar?

But there is something else here, obviously subjective - through the Belarusian perception of Italian reality, old prejudices and illusions at the same time.

No one reads long texts now. But here's a rebus (incomplete version): Zumba for Italian matrons in an abandoned school, though young girls do not dance - there is no place, but they smoke everywhere, always, suffering from shortness of breath in the process of physical activity.

Women are greatly occupied and not only with Zumba, while men are in a bar for any reason, ready to offer a coffee or a glass of wine.

Songs, dancing to the guitar, proper mood and an orchestra, firewood, barrels and tin cans; and a clarinetist with a sad Russian face, although, his passport says "an Italian". 3 dogs and 1 kitten can live together, like 20 people - shoulder to shoulder, cheek to cheek, 2 weeks. By the way, not all Italians are extroverts. In other words, they are artists.

Pasta with potatoes finally happened, as a symbol of Italy - Belarus friendship, or, probably it was the result of a hangover. They say this is an ordinary situation for Southern Italy. An anthropologist, a fashion photographer, an acrobat, a juggler, a showman, a musician, a designer, an IT guy, a choreographer (and that's not everyone ) - we are all on equal terms. Today we are flooded with rain, the 2nd day of the Focare festival is slightly smeared.

2 weeks of artistic residence in an Italian village. And it seems like it's not about ego, victories or creating masterpieces. This is more about a collective body, relaxed laughter, endless improvisation, the formation of new neurons, hedonism and overcoming language barriers and ,well about the preparation for the festival itself.
Performance-lecture. 2019
Mentors: Sergey Katran, Pavel Voinitski, George Zaborski
"Ok, KUMU!" Initiators: Sergey Morozov & Valeria Khripatch
Participants: Maria Sidorenko, Anna Sokur, Anna Korzik, Irinika Basalaeva, Alexandra Sikorskaya
Photo/video artists: Alexander Khizov, Alexandra Kononchenko

A performance and a lecture about coincidences, politics, French philosophy, the human body and logic without a center from the point of view of non-human thinking. The project was created during Minsk Art Residence of the Grand Family of the Kombucha-Dostoyevsky Tea Fungus.
"We have been freezing and arguing for 2 weeks, trying to build horizontal relationships, with a strong feeling that we are in voluntary exile of contemporary art in the coldest part of the Cultural Hub ОК16."
Laboratory. Tbilisi (Georgia)2019
"Everyday movement (to) utopia"
Tutors: George Zaborsky and Valeria Khripach (Minsk, Belarus)
t's a laboratory (architecture + movement) lasting 7 days and an afterlab performance presented at South Caucasus Contemporary Dance & Experimental Art Festival in Tbilisi (Tbilisi, Georgia)

"You are your simplest movement. When you look at everyday life more consciously, you see natural beauty. Architects of the 1960s tried to put everyday life on the "stage." We're continuing.
During the laboratory, we invited participants to move from the internal focus of undivided attention to the external focus of movement, playing the outcomes against the questions of the outer world.
A short film as a result of a workshop. Minsk, 2019
Minsk 2049
Tutors: George Zaborski & Valeria Khripatch (Minsk, Belarus)
Video: Alexander Hizov & Alexandra Polyakova (Berlin, Germany)

It's a trailer of a film that was shot in the alternative reality of the modernist future.

"Minsk 2049" is devoted to the yearning for the future that we dreamed of in the past and is a result of a workshop that was held within VII Minsk Architectural Forum (theme - Apathy)

"Using the concept of speculative design, we created prototypes of fashion looks and gadgets from an alternative 2019 year, in which there is almost no Internet, but there are regular missions to Jupiter and lush gardens on Mars. We studied the basics of performance, stage movement and framing, aiming to implant alternative reality into well-known modern buildings of Minsk. Within the workshop participants could be engaged in fashion design, speculative industrial design, graphic design and prints, acting and modeling, photo and video shooting, scenography and videography, study the principles of design thinking, speculative design and performance.
Dance laboratory for architects.
Chereya/White church villages (Belarus)
SESAM is a Small European Students of Architecture Meeting
ZEN is laboratory of movement in frame of SESAM
Tutors: George Zaborski, Valeria Khripatch

key words:
meditation | action
change | experience
rural | urban
weak | strong
body | mind
rational | holistic
design | observe
walking | dancing

Architects love to build. Architects are obsessed with designing and building, all SESAMs and EASAs are mostly dedicated to it. We want to challenge this approach by Zen philosophy, observation instead of action and alternative ways to deal with space with our body, mind and body-mind.
To observe - is the key verb. It's important to reserve enough time to observe, to start our move, with selected direction and amplitude, only after sufficient observation.
Why do we repeatedly devote workshops to the design of the environment, without even thinking about the design of our perception?
Zen workshop is about challenging landscape and design with meditation, contemporary dance and zen paradox.
An important workshop for dance movement and a performance as the result of one question.

Space - "VERH" Minsk, 2018
WHY do I dance? is both a starting point and the main topic of the two-month laboratory process.

LABORATORY "Why do I dance?" - it is not about pure dance.
It's answering questions using various performance and dance practices.
It's about conversations and memories.
It is an experiment based on both personal and dance experience of each participant.

WE asked each other the question during each session, combining answers with movement and trying to catch a cherished thought in the flow of the here and now and in our distant and the recent past. I believe that if one has a cherished thought, then he/she must have a story.
Participants: Alexei Slizheuski, Natali Shyshko, Yana Marchuk, George Zaborski, Nastya Nekrasova & misterious Christina, who learnt Japanese, and then moved to Germany .
Initiator, director & individuality assembler: Valeria Khripatch
Laboratory and Afterlab performance. Yerevan (Armenia), 2017
On January 23, 2017 at 7pm South Caucasus Contemporary Dance & Experimental Art Festival and its experimental art program present performance piece by Valeria Khripatch and Olga Rabetskaya from SKVO's Dance Company (Minsk, Belarus) which was produced in collaboration with Yerevan based composer and multidisciplinary artist Arash Azadi (born in Tehran, Iran), composer, sound artist and violinist Mehdi Hesamizadeh (Tehran, Iran) and local contemporary dance practitioners.
The performance is an outcome of 10 days of laboratory sessions held in Yerevan from 14th to 22th of January.

Body articulation / body as a message, talking body
There is no particular plot, but never ending talk
There are no words, but never ending movement
There is no emotion on a face, but in a sound and pictures organized around dancing body.

…Level of loneliness or inability to be alone, extroversion and hyperactivity, ability to negotiate, tongue-tie, or maybe just a stammer from excitement, aggressiveness against criticism, inability to listen to, ignorance of own needs, elementary confusion, language, mental or age barriers… So there are a lot of circumstances for and against communication.
We talk too much, but don't understand each other.
Experimental work with attempting to make our body talkative but concentrated, to listen to each other without saying any word. This Laboratory is about searching for body language and clear body articulation, reaction and emotion in a process of cooperation.
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Thank you very much for the photo and video material:
Sasha Kononchenko, Julia Voronovskaya (Grushen_ka), Olya Rabetskaya, Jenya Ermolovich, Sasha Khizov, Nina Lipskaya, Anya Sachivko, Kate Shumak, Sasha Karpovich, George Zaborski
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