I build my works on the opposition of external everyday life and people's inner contradictions. For me, everyday life is filled with choreography, be it hasty steps, or bouncing bodies on a tram.

When creating the system of my stories I try to add some unexpected twists in order to break the logic. My dance pieces are filled with cinematography and I see my dancers first of all as individuals.

I strive to ensure that the stories I build, my performers and myself would be difficult to classify in any of the genres existing.

Everyday life
I find/see beauty in these small things. For me, a morning crowd moving has its own choreography full of expressive elements and contrasting rhythm.

Urban landscape is my scene of action/action space and the folklore of everyday life is my source of inspiration/what inspires me and what is interesting for me to explore.
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Thank you very much for the photo and video material:
Sasha Kononchenko, Julia Voronovskaya (Grushen_ka), Olya Rabetskaya, Jenya Ermolovich, Sasha Khizov, Nina Lipskaya, Anya Sachivko, Kate Shumak, Sasha Karpovich, George Zaborski
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