I build my works on the opposition of external everyday life and people's inner contradictions. For me, everyday life is filled with choreography, be it hasty steps, or bouncing bodies on a tram.

When creating the system of my stories I try to add some unexpected twists in order to break the logic. My dance pieces are filled with cinematography and I see my dancers first of all as individuals.

I strive to ensure that the stories I build, my performers and myself would be difficult to classify in any of the genres existing.

Consciousness and attention
"To make inside concrete, and outside vast is the first task, the first problem, it would seem, of an anthropology of the imagination"

Gaston Bashlyar. "The Poetics of Space"

Our attention is lazy, but it always favours the development. I love to wander outside and observe, and then dive inside and listen, combining external and internal. When working with other people I also follow this principle.
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Sasha Kononchenko, Julia Voronovskaya (Grushen_ka), Olya Rabetskaya, Jenya Ermolovich, Sasha Khizov, Nina Lipskaya, Anya Sachivko, Kate Shumak, Sasha Karpovich, George Zaborski
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