Choreography is developing between dreams and round dances.

The heart of "Between simple and complicated" is intense anxiety and slight worries. Meditative round dances, dynamic jumps is a way to calm your inner self and dreaming is a way to meet with it.

It's not a ballet.
... "Having started slowly, step by step, motion by motion, the pace is gaining rapidly, round dance is getting faster back in the day due to Slavic traditions we could make a bonfire and burn everything unwanted in it, we could purify with fire and then with water, made wishes and believed in omens for the peace of mind.

Well, probably, we can do the same these days. But I would rather pile up anxiety (about unnecessary in life, lack of time, the problem of choice) and dance about it in my sleep falling out of bed. I might go outside without waiting for "Kupala night", build a fire and invite my neighbours to dance around it. But I'm not sure that I would be understood correctly
... "While sleeping a person sees from 4 to 7 dreams though he can remember just a few of them."

Dreams can be documented with a sound recorder or be written down on wallpapers. You can discuss them with your soulmates making efforts to recall details. And then, at a certain moment boundaries are disappearing. It seems increasingly that we all share one dream (a dream in the tenth power). And with first sounds of a lullaby you find yourself travelling in a wonderful maze.

The past and the present, simple and complicated, imaginary or real - where are we?
The level of anxiety and the level of calmness are increasing and getting lower during action.…
work in progress. short video
A fact
We began the staging process with observations of our... dreams, then created a dreams' map, painted it on a piece of paper, and only then transferred it to the body. But it's not that simple.

Once, during one of the performances we had an opportunity to jump over a real fire and have round dances by the lake. Dreams come true.
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Sasha Kononchenko, Julia Voronovskaya (Grushen_ka), Olya Rabetskaya, Jenya Ermolovich, Sasha Khizov, Nina Lipskaya, Anya Sachivko, Kate Shumak, Sasha Karpovich, George Zaborski, A
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